The Workers Memorial Statue has been vandalised after just 3 months after it was opened. The vandalism was targeted, deliberate and repeated. The perpetrators exploited a weak spot in the design and bent the metalwork out of shape

The Damage to Statue

The nature of the damage needed immediate repair otherwise if left it would have caused permanent damage and the charity would be left facing a hefty bill, costing the charity money it can ill afford to spare.

Even the repair we have to do now is costly. Men plant and materials have to transported to site to affect the repairs, not cheap by any means

After the repair

Luckily for us 2 local businessmen Kev Powell and Paul Dickinson directors of Sure Steel Services Ltd stepped in and carried out the repairs to the memorial at their own expense providing plant, men and materials

The charity is most grateful to the directors at Sure Steel Services Ltd for their very kind and generous gesture and wish them well for the future

The Workers Memorial has been vandalised on a second occasion, this time falling victim to the aerosol.

The damage was first noticed on Thursday 8th October 2020

This year has been hard for the charity with donations all but drying up, leaving no spare cash for cleaning up after mindless acts of this nature

Above all why are these people so disrespectful. The memorial represents lives lost by men women and children, lives lost through their work. A cenotaph dedicated to the workers that have lost their lives through work. It demonstrates a society that cares about its workers past and present. It represents the good people of our town, a cultural icon.

We hold a commemorative service annually to pay our respects but the monument is a permanent reminder of the debt we owe to those who have gone before and the people that are striving to steer us safely through this pandemic, this reflects badly on our society as a whole.

Seeing a mindless act of vandalism on something that should be respected because of the values it represents gives a wrong impression of the town

The trustees personally cleaned the substance from the memorial without incurring cost to the charity resulting in a successful conclusion with, thankfully, no permanent damage to the statue.