About the Charity

Death from a workplace accident is a traumatic and the social and economic impact is far reaching, affecting family and friends, causing immediate financial difficulties, family disruption the loss of their future

Seeing someone have their life cut short from a work related illness, is nevertheless still a real tragedy

You can never prepare for this and even if you are well supported and seem to “cope well” It still has the effect of cutting the legs from under you and to make this worse this goes unrecognised.

Disasters are rightly acknowledged, but the individual stands alone

Those left behind are a hidden community who continue to suffer in silence long after the death of a loved one and are by  and large unrecognised and ignored by society in general

The sacrifice that the workers have made, as well as the suffering of those left behind, needs to be acknowledged and commemorated. To be ignored by society needs addressing

We are a registered charity set up in 2016, the purpose of the charity is to provide and maintain a memorial to commemorate the men, women and children of the region who have lost their lives during the course of their employment, through accident or industrial disease.

Promote good citizenship and advance the education of the public, in particular in the history and industrial heritage of the area, via our website (shwm.org.uk) and promote civic pride

We aim to raise funds, by public donation and grants. We volunteer our time for free.

The figures are quite staggering , 1 person in the UK dies every hour as a result of past exposure to workplace conditions

We aim to make the public aware of the sacrifices gone by past and present. Hopefully by doing this we can improve safety in the workplace and reduce accidents and illness, thus saving lives

By erecting a memorial this will give the people so affected a permanent  focal point to celebrate and commemorate their loved ones, culminating on the international workers memorial day. This is held globally on the 28th  April each year

Make a difference, honour the men. women and children who have lost their lives through their job.

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We are at present looking for volunteers to help raise money, or if you wish to make a donation
We can be contacted via our Contact Us page.

Why you should donate

The creation of this monument is a historical and cultural feature, giving donors and supporters a unique opportunity to participate in the history of St Helens

To family and friends who have been affected it ensures the sacrifices are recognised and their memories are celebrated at the annual remembrance service

Makes people especially the young aware of their industrial heritage and the sacrifices made by the generations gone before

Creates a sense of civic pride and the achievements of of it’s workers and acknowledges their contribution

The creation of this monument comes at a watershed moment. There is a generation who have no knowledge of coal mining, glassware manufacture, pharmaceutical manufacture or chemical production, to name just a few, ever taking place in this area.

The monument as well as commemorating the workers  who have lost their lives is also a permanent reminder of the industry that operated in this area and the workers and their families who gave their support and helped the businesses prosper and thrive

This monument demonstrates that as a society we care about or workers and their families, it’s about kinship

The monument has been paid for by charitable donations. Although the initial fundraising goal has been achieved. We still need funds as we are responsible for the ongoing maintenance so we would be grateful for any donations to help with future costs