About the Charity

The global pandemic has meant more people have been affected by workplace deaths. This monument pays tribute and recognises the dedication and sacrifices made by workers, the loss suffered by their families and the effect this has had on their colleagues.

Knowing you are not alone at a time of crisis helps with the grieving process, gives solace and helps with mental well-being,

Seeing someone have their life cut short from a work related illness, is a tragedy

You can never prepare for this and even if you are well supported and seem to “cope well” It still has the effect of cutting the legs from under you and can be made worse if this goes unrecognised by society.

Disasters are rightly acknowledged, but the individual stands alone

Those left behind were, in the past, a hidden community who suffered in silence long after the death of a loved one and went unrecognised and ignored by society in general

The Workers Cenotaph

The dedication and sacrifice that workers made and the suffering of those left behind, is now finally being recognised and commemorated.

We have created a monument, an outdoor space for contemplation and reflection surrounded by nature.  

A tribute to those individuals who have had their lives cut short

The figures are quite staggering 1 person in the UK dies every hour as a result of past exposure to workplace conditions

Fatal injuries in Great Britain 2019/20. 111 workers killed (RIDDOR)

By making the public aware of the deaths past and present we can improve safety in the workplace and reduce accidents and illness, thus saving lives

The creation of this memorial will give the families, friends and colleagues who have been affected a permanent  focal point to pay tribute and commemorate their loved ones.

International Workers Memorial Day is celebrated globally on the 28th  April each year

To family and friends who have been affected it ensures the sacrifices are recognised and their memories are celebrated at the annual remembrance service

The monument creates a sense of civic pride and is tribute to the achievements of the workers and acknowledges their contribution

The monument as well as commemorating the workers  who lost their lives it is also a permanent reminder of the industry that operated in this area and the families who gave their support and helped the businesses in the area prosper and thrive

This monument demonstrates that as a society we care about our workers and their families, it’s about kinship

We may have achieved our initial goal of providing the monument, but we still need donations to cover ongoing costs and make improvements. If you can afford to help please donate

If you wish to make a donation
We can be contacted via our Contact Us page. 

“We are who we are today because of yesterday”